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Blown (2005)

Director: David C. Hayes, Bill Konig, Kevin Moyers, David Sabal
Starring: David C. Hayes, Jeff Dolniak, Kevin Moyers, Carina Lira
Not Rated Running time: 65 minutes
Released by Sub Rosa

It's becoming increasingly clear to me that there is absolutely nothing that Sub Rosa Studios will not release. The last time I picked up one of their discs, I had to struggle to find something nice to say about a barely watchable home movie (see The Curse of La Llorona). Blown is more of the same, except this time the action centers around a demonically possessed inflatable sex doll who terrorizes an apartment full of dudes throwing a bachelor party. It has it's funny bits (the shower scene and the climactic final battle between the engaged couple and the doll, in particular), but most of it falls flat. It's only an hour long, and it takes about half that time for anything to really happen. A "Masterpiece Theater"-style wraparound segment features a host who re-enacts missing scenes, watches part of Night of the Living Dead, and constantly reminds the viewer that the movie sucks. It's hard to trash a movie the bends over backwards trying to remind you that it's not supposed to be good. All I can say is that it's not even necessary - Blown speaks for itself.

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