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Cannibal (2006)

Director: Marian Dora
Starring: Carsten Frank, Victor Brandl
Unrated Running time: 89 minutes
Released by Unearthed Films

In 2001, Armin Meiwes placed an ad on the internet looking for a male sex partner who would like to be eaten. That's not a euphemism.... I mean "eaten" like a chicken leg. Fourtunately for him, Meiwes found a person who was eager to fulfill his fantasies. The two met and the deed was done - and videotaped to boot. Meiwes was arrested after looking for yet another willing victim on the internet, and for writing about his previous foray into cannibalism. Cannibal does not set out to ask why such a thing occurred, or how did the participants end up becoming so batshit crazy. Instead the film is concerned with documenting one aspect of the case and one aspect only: what did it look like?

It does it very well. So well, in fact, that I can't really say if I liked this movie or not. It's a blow by blow (no pun intended) recreation of the events which transpired in Meiwes home in 2001, and it is very, very hard to watch. I am certain that fans of the Guinea Pig series or of Toetag Pictures' body of work will find Cannibal right up their alley. Everyone else will be repulsed and traumatized. I will provide a brief synopsis of the film's action. I will not provide much in the way of gory details since the film is about nothing but gory details.This way those who choose not to see the film will know what they are missing, and those who insist on seeing it will know what to look forward to.

Cannibal: The Man meets The Flesh.

Act One

The Man (Carsten Frank) walks around town, seeming to enjoy life very much. He is shown playing with a child, meeting potential meals, and placing ads on the internet. Only those who really, REALLY want to be eaten alive need apply. This portion of the film is nearly wordless - until The Man meets The Flesh (Victor Brandl).

Act Two

The Man and The Flesh spend almost the entire second portion of the film nude. When they are not having sex, they are frolicking about The Man's yard, even stopping for a game of what looks like horseshoes, except that whatever they are throwing is very small. Lawn bowling,
I think. Eh, anyhow, there is sex, sex, and more sex, until The Flesh asks The Man to bite his you-know-what off. The Man tries, but cannot. Needless to say, it is at this point the film becomes difficult to watch.

Act Three

The Man and The Flesh get down to business. The Man finishes the castration, this time using a knife. They fry the appendage and attempt to eat it. The Flesh is slowly dying. The Man stabs his willing victim in the neck, finally killing him. The Flesh is disemboweled. The Man eats the The Flesh. The Man goes out for a walk.


All of the above is shown in excruciating detail. Director Marian Dora doesn't shy away from anything, so you probably already know whether you want to see this movie or not. I should add that the production is excellent. The set design, photography, music, and especially the make-up effects are remarkable. It's too bad I found myself turning away from the screen too much to really appreciate them.

3 out of 5.

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