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The Curse of La Llorona (2007)

Director: Terrence Williams
Starring: Antonio Royuela, Mary Sanchex, Anne Stinnett, Elizabeth Osbourne, Cyd Shulte
Unrated Running time: 65 minutes
Released by Sub Rosa

Thoroughly awful shot-on-video horror flick that proves SubRosa will release almost anything. THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA is the third part of a trilogy based on the “Crying Woman” tale of Mexican folklore. This time the story centers on a family who gets more than they bargained for when they take in their emotionally disturbed niece. It seems the girl, named Hana, is being haunted by the malevolent Llorona and is set on destroying everyone around her.

Terrence Williams’s incoherent, cliche-filled script is loaded with ridiculous dialogue and puzzling story elements. For example, characters repeatedly insist the story takes place in a rural area (the next door neighbor is even said to have a farm), yet it is plain to see the film was shot in a relatively normal looking suburban neighborhood. At another point, Hana’s uncle finds a half-eaten brain in the garage. His reaction? Throw it in the garbage can and act as if nothing happened. There’s also a creepy doll involved that makes my head hurt to think about, so I will let you investigate that element on your own.

This is a badly made movie with lousy special effects and a story built on characters saying and doing stupid things. The actors, to their credit do as best as they can, but cannot possibly overcome the sheer incompetence in the writing and direction.

Williams is prolific, if nothing else. He’s churned out a half-dozen movies over the span of three years. At a glance, the quality of them seems to be at the same level as THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA. His last film, HORNO, was released in 2009. I don’t know if Williams has given up filmmaking or not, but if he keeps it up he could become a modern day Jerry Warren.

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