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Nightmare Man (2006)

Director: Rolfe Kanesky
Starring: Tiffany Shepis, Blythe Mets, Luciano Szafir, Hannah Putnam
Rated R Running time: 89 minutes
Released by Lionsgate

If Tiffany Shepis weren't quite so willing to disrobe at the drop of a hat, it is questionable as to whether Nightmare Man would be watchable at all. The film is your typical Rolfe Kanefsky fluff about a woman who receives a haunted African fertility mask which causes her to be terrorized by a mysterious phantom. Her husband decides that his wife has gone plum-fuggin-crazy and tries to ship her off for a long, pleasant stay in a remote nuthatch. Like a dope, the guy lets his car run out of gas on the way to the hospital. When he treks off to find a gas station, the "Nightmare Man" arrives to attack his wife. A chase through the woods ensues, and the pair end up near a cabin where a group of people are having a weekend get together. I shouldn't have to tell you that the partiers get mixed up in this whole "Nightmare Man" business, should I?

It's hard to really hate Kanfesky's movies since it's clear that he doesn't intend for the audience to take them all that seriously. Kanefsky makes them fast and cheap with huge servings of cheese, usually throwing in handfuls of t&a and bargain basement splatter to keep things humming along. They're not necessarily good movies, but they'll fit the bill when your feeling like putting your brain on autopilot for awhile. Nightmare Man features some pretty terrible acting, laughable special effects, and apart from some scenes of Ms. Shepis shaking her booty while brandishing a crossbow, takes way too long for anything interesting to happen. Kanefsky manages to get it up a little by the final act, but by then you've probably already wandered away from the TV.

Nightmare Man is not the worst film to go out under the Eight Films To Die For line, but it's cutting it pretty close.

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