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The Beast of Bray Road (2005)

Director: Leigh Scott
Starring: Jeff Denton, Thomas Downey, Sarah Lieving, Noel Thurman
Rated R Running time: 85 minutes

This bargain basement monster movie, supposedly based on true events, is more watchable than the usual product from The Asylum. A big, shaggy, floppy-eared, green-eyed creature is terrorizing a small Wisconsin town, and only the town's Sheriff (Jeff Denton), a smoking-hot bartender (Sarah Lieving), and a cryptozoologist (Thomas Downey) can stop it. With production values on par with a made-for-cable softcore porn movie,  Bray Road is full of the usual monster movie cliches, crappy performances, and plot holes that could swallow a bulldozer. Yet I couldn't stop watching it. Over-the-top gore and trashy women will trump complex plotting and intelligent dialogue any day of the week. THE BEAST OF BRAY ROAD is a quickly made, cheaply produced gore fest that seems to revel in the fact that it doesn't have an intelligent bone in its body. In this case that's a good thing, as the film is more concerned with delivering cheap thrills than anything else. With lots of nasty (but unconvincing) monster attack scenes, boobs, and a cast made up of very, very eye pleasing women - THE BEAST OF BRAY ROAD is dumb fun that is best enjoyed while drinking heavily. How else are you going to overlook the fact that some of the film's "Wisconsonites" speak with Southern accents?

2.5 out of 5.

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