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Zombie 4: After Death (1988)

Director: Claudio Fragasso
Starring: Candice Daly, Jeff Stryker, Jim Wilson, Don Gaines
Unrated Running time: 84 minutes
Released by Shriek Show/Media Blasters

If you were ever hoping to see gay porn superstar Jeff Stryker in a *ahem* straight role, here's your chance. He plays a researcher, or something like that, in Claudio Fragasso's Zombie 4: After Death, a movie with more alternate titles than IQ points. Candice Daly plays the daughter of cancer researchers who were living and working on an island. The local witchdoctor, miffed that the scientists couldn't cure his daughter's cancer, opens the gates of Hell and unleashes the zombie hordes upon the island's inhabitants. Daly was only a child then, yet managed to avoid becoming zombie food long enough to get of the island. Now grown up, Daly teams up with a batch of the lamest mercenaries you have ever seen and returns to the crappy little zombie-infested island. Why? I don't know - I think it has something to do with a book of evil spells, and some candles and stuff.

In Zombie 4, Fragasso shows us that one does not need a coherent script, decent acting, competent effects, or any directorial skills whatsoever to make a movie. In the DVD extras, Fragasso even says that Zombie 4 is a piece of crap that was made to make a few bucks on the horror market. It's a good thing that he's honest about it, because if he tried to suggest otherwise there's good chance some disgruntled member of the DVD buying public would try to have him committed. Zombies in track suits with rags draped over their heads constitute the bulk of the film's effects, very hard-to-stomach mercenaries with machine guns that never have to be reloaded, and some of the cheesiest keyboard-driven 80's schlock music your ears will ever have to endure. This film is awful in a spectacular way, which means that there are moments which may provide some amusement. For me, most of them came from the macho man-mercenary who is constantly hitting on the group's women. A choice line: "Those are the times when it really counts in a mans life. When you discover if you've got any balls. When a man is afraid he's going to die, there's nothing he wants more than a woman by his side. And I want you."

I like his style.


  1. Incidentally, Nick Nicholson who was in ZOMBIE 4 wrote about the film in his upcoming book (which is being published on his blog) just a couple of days ago. You'll find it here:

  2. I was way too hard on this one.

    I enjoy it a lot more than my pride will let me admit.