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Unrest (2006)

Director: Jason Todd Ipson
Starring: Corri English, Marisa Petroro, Scot Davis
Rated R Running time: 88 minutes
Released by Lionsgate/After Dark Films

In this dull, medical-themed horror outing, a group of anatomy students rile an ancient Aztec demon when they begin slicing and dicing away at one of it's 'offerings.' The invisible creature starts bumping the students off one by one, and the film's Britney Spears lookalike heroine tries to set things right before any more of her friends end up on a slab.

Unrest is full of bland characters doing uninteresting (and unlikely) things while the droning soundtrack provides an occasional KABOOM false scare moment. In other words, it's almost completely indistinguishable from most of what passes from mainstream horror these days -- right down to its wink-and-nudge-insert-sequel-here ending. The producers could have called this one Boogeyman 5 and no one would have noticed. A few gross-out autopsy moments appear intermittently, but action and gore is kept to a bare minimum.

The film was hyped as "the first film to feature real corpses" or something along those lines. Not true. As far as I know, that particular honor belongs to Poltergeist.

Nice try, though.