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Carver (2008)

Director: Franklin Guerrero Jr.
Starring: Kristyn Green, Matt Carmody, Luke Vitale, Natasha Malinsky
Unrated  Running time: 100 minutes
Released by Allumination

Shot-on-video gore fest in which a group of twentysomething's go on a camping trip and end up becoming the unwilling stars of a hillbilly snuff film operation. The leading man is an obese, goggle-wearing maniac who butchers his victims with a toolshed full of agony causing instruments. Unlikeable characters, unlikely situations, and lots of stereotypical southerner bashing. The main point of the movie seems to be to gross out the audience, and on that level Carver certainly succeeds.

CARVER seems to be primarily influenced by THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, but dispenses with the tension and unrelenting terror that made that film great. Instead, we're left with little more than a showcase for gore effects of varying degrees of quality. If you like gore for the sake of gore, this might be right up your alley. If you're looking for story or character development, well, then you can probably skip this one, unless you want "Turkey in the Straw" stuck in your head for hours afterwards.

2 out of 5.
Bobby Shaw Carver, maniac-at large (Erik Fones)


  1. I have seen the CHAINSAW, Hostel & a couple of the SAW flicks but not knowing that CARVER fits in the same catagory, really had me on the edge & truly scared me. All played their part exceptionally well. I 1st saw this movie on the date below. As you've mentioned it being based on a true story,...exactly where & when did these horrible, grusome murders occur? ~~~J.A.M.~~Thur.,4-19-2012, 2:18 A.M.

  2. "Nowhere" and "never" would be my guess.

    Just marketing hype.