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Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief (2014)

Directed by Pablo D'Stair
Starring Carlyle Edwards, Helen Bonaparte, Goodloe Byron, Laura Anne Walling, Adam Grayson, Toby Jacobs, Carlos Gonzalez-Fernandez
Running time: 60 minutes

Leo (Carlyle Edwards) and Lana (Helen Bonaparte) are a couple whose troubled relationship experiences a new complication when a stranger (Goodloe Byron) claiming to be Lana's first husband appears. This kicks off a chain of events which ends with Lana missing, and Leo being forced to reveal a few secrets of his own.

DOCTOR, LAWYER, INDIAN CHIEF is writer/director Pablo D'Stair's second movie released in 2014. Like its predecessor, A PUBLIC RANSOM, the story is a slow building mystery with characters who get themselves into dark situations by their own actions. What's most interesting here is how much D'Stair has grown as a filmmaker. DOCTOR is a much stronger film than his debut. The story is tighter, the camera is more active, and the performance of Carlyle Edwards is a bit more restrained. There are some wonderfully composed shots here that make the movie interesting to look at, particularly in the scene where Leo confronts his two-time mistress, Fiona (Laura Anne Walling).

There's also some D'Stair trademarks beginning to emerge: great music (this time by Bellflur and The Sad Little Stars), lots of smoking, and Goodloe Byron playing a mysterious troublemaker. D'Stair is becoming more and more adept at this brand of  "minimalist" film making, and his troop of actors are evolving along with the material. It will be interesting to see what they can pull off with more resources at their disposal.

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