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Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror (2006)

Director: Stacy Title
Starring: Snoop Dogg, Anson Mount, Danny Trejo, Billy Dee Williams, Ernie Hudson
Rated R

Here we have an horror anthology with an urban twist, that originally ran as part of the After Dark “Eight Films to Die For” series. Our host is Snoop Dogg, who stars as a demonic pimp in a flashy suit. Surrounded by a group of provocatively dressed "hell hoes" and a  demon midget, Mr. Dogg provides the introduction for a trio of stories that all feature a revenge theme.

In the first story, a young woman is haunted by the murder of her parents. One day she meets an evil hobo (Danny Trejo) who gives her a tattoo that grants the woman a magical power: she can vanquish her enemies by painting over their graffiti. Yes, it’s a weird power. There are a couple gory kills in this one, including a character killed with a 40 oz. bottle rammed through the head. This one was probably the most entertaining on account of some great practical make-up effects by Vincent Guastini.

The second story takes place in a rest home occupied by a group of elderly black war vets. All of them served under a white soldier, who later struck it rich and made sure that his black war buddies lived in comfort for the rest of their days. He dies, and decides to teach a lesson to his no-good, racist son. In order to collect on his inheritance, the son (Anson Mount) must live with the old black vets for one year. Things don’t go very well. Anson Mount stars as the ridiculously over-the-top racist son. Mount's performance is second only to William Sanderson's character in FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE in the movie racist hall of fame. Along with his sexy redneck girlfriend (Brande Roderick), they drive the old vets to their breaking point. When one of the old soldiers dies, the vets exact a bloody revenge. This very silly and annoying segment was written by Tim Sullivan (DRIFTWOOD, 2000 MANIACS remake).

The final tale is a fairly routine gangsta-betrays-his-homies-for-rap-success story. It’s pretty boring, and features some zombie gangstas, lots of rapping, and a weird cameo by Jason Alexander. Thankfully, it’s also the shortest of the three stories, and kind of feels like it was thrown in to pad out the running time. Diamond Dallas Page also has a small part as "Jersey." This is (thankfully) the shortest segment in the movie.


 I generally like horror anthologies, even though they are usually wildly inconsistent. HOOD OF HORROR, sadly, doesn’t have much good to talk about. I appreciated the old school blood and latex effects, and I thought the animated intro was a nice touch. As a horror host, Snoop Dogg is no Crypt Keeper, and his pimp shtick doesn’t exactly enhance the overall experience. This is one of those movies where they would have benefited by making it as gory and outrageous as possible, but they went a more mundane route instead. You’ve got demon pimps, hell hoes, and a solid special effects guy. What went wrong?

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