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Southern Gothic (2007)

Director: Mark Young
Starring: Yul Vazquez, William Forsythe, Nicole Duport, Dani Englander, Jonathan Sachar
Rated R 104 min

Haunted by the death of his daughter, a strip club manager named Hazel Fortune (Yul Vazquez) spends his time drinking and longing for death. Things start to look up for him when he befriends a stripper-with-a-heart-of-gold named Starla (Nicole Duport) and her young daughter, Hope. Unfortunately, psychotic preacher Enoch Pitt (William Forsythe) has taken a liking to Starla, as well. Enoch is bitten by a vampire, who then turns Starla into a vampire. If that wasn't enough, he decides to kidnap Hope so the three can live as a happy vampire family. Hazel shakes off his depression long enough to team up with a friendly vampire and ride to rescue.

SOUTHERN GOTHIC isn't quite as stupid as director Mark Young's previous movie (the truly awful TOOTH & NAIL), but it's close. It seems like he may have been going for a NEAR DARK-style vibe with this one, but without the style, sexiness, or intelligence. The vampires in this movie are more like Hollywood "rednecks" that use knives and guns, and aren't scary or interesting in any way. It's also a very dark and dreary looking film, with most of the scenes either tinted in drab colors or poorly lit.

The early part of the movie takes place in one of those strip clubs where nobody takes their clothes off, so forget about any prurient fun. The few action scenes are poorly executed, with black blood and spastic camera work. The only good thing about this movie is William Forsythe, and he is underused, sadly.

I can't think of anything horror fans might enjoy about SOUTHERN GOTHIC.

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