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Demon Hunter (2005)

Director: Scott Ziehl
Starring: Sean Patrick Flannery, Billy Drago
Rated R 78 min.

Sean Patrick Flannery stars as the half-human, half-demon Jack Greyman. Greyman is a motorcycle riding, trench coat wearing badass who works as a sort of devil exterminator for the Catholic church. A sudden escalation in violent possessions occurs thanks to a demon named Asmodeus (Billy Drago). It turns out that Asmodeus is attempting to impregnate a slew of attractive young ladies so that he can sire a race of demon-babies that will do his bidding on Earth. Greyman reluctantly teams up with a pretty nun to stop the lecherous demon before he can cause any more trouble.

DEMON HUNTER was produced by TV vet Stephen J Cannell, which might explain why the production looks and feels like something that might debut on the Syfy channel. In fact, if not for a couple of topless scenes, you might think this was an unsold pilot for a television series. It’s more of an action film with some horror elements, and not a very good one at that. Sean Patrick Flannery is a good actor who should really be in better movies. Here the script only requires him to throw a few punches and brood, while doing his best grizzled, world weary badass shtick. Billy Drago is, well, Billy Drago. Again, there isn’t much asked of him except to play the same snake-like villain he’s been playing since INVASION USA. Drago gets to make out with several hot and naked chicks in this, so this might end up being one of his favorite film jobs. The most interesting part of this movie, for me, was Tania Deighton as the sexy succubus dispatched to seduce Greyman into letting all this Antichrist business slide. She’s so good looking you can almost ignore her rubber horns, stupid looking CGI wings, and bad acting. This film also has a truly Terri how "heavy metal" soundtrack that sounds like stock music made for beer commercials.

Aside from a couple of very attractive breasts, there isn’t much to see here.

Tania Deighton as a succubus in DEMON HUNTER

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